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Costerton Biofilm Centre – University of Copenhagen

Costerton Biofilm Centre

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Costerton Biofilm Center

The Costerton Biofilm Center is a unique interdisciplinary research center established to explore the field of chronic bacterial infections that are a major health challenge with large global economic and societal implications.

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By integrating translational and clinically relevant research, the Costerton Biofilm Center will take the lead in improved prevention and development of new treatments of diseases caused by biofilms.

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In nature bacteria often appear as sessile, matrix embedded aggregates commonly referred to as biofilms. There is accumulating evidence that in case bacteria succeed in forming biofilms within the host, the infection develops into a chronic state.

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Bill Costerton

The Costerton Biofilm Center is named in the honour of Dr John William Costerton, who pioneered the development of the biofilm theory.

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