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About the Costerton Biofilm Center

The Costerton Biofilm Center is a unique interdisciplinary research center established to explore the field of chronic bacterial infections that are a major health challenge with large global economic and societal implications.

The center aims, at the delivery of new approaches to address key challenges within medical biofilm research, to generate fundamental insights into the biology of chronic infections. The ambitious goals require novel integrative approaches that involve the joint effort of leading researchers from complementary research fields.

The research activities will include basic research in order to generate cutting edge and profound knowledge about biofilms. The knowledge gained will form the basis for the development of new means of diagnosis, prevention and treatment of chronic bacterial infections with the intent of improved public health and economic gain.


The overall objective is to elucidate molecular mechanisms of biofilm formation, and identify novel diagnostic methods and bioactive chemicals to guide the development of biofilm controlling drugs that can help reinstate proper action of the immune system and promote efficient clearance of the chronic biofilm infections.