Mads Lichtenberg

Mads Lichtenberg


  • Bacteriology

    Blegdamsvej 3B, København N, 24 Bygning 24, Building: 24-1-22

    Phone: +4535334271


So far, my research focus has been to resolve how structure/function relationships affect the optical and chemical microenvironment in microbial communities as well as in animal and plant tissues. I have a strong expertise in different sensor techniques such as electrochemical microsensors, nanoparticle- and fiber-based optical sensors, and advanced fluorescence microscopy. I have strong experience in both theoretical and practical aspects of chemical and optical sensing, from development to field-testing of novel sensors, and the development of new experimental setups and methodologies. During my PhD, the focus was to characterize chemical microenvironments and understand microscale chemical processes in aquatic photosynthetic tissues and complex microbial biofilms. I now focus on investigating the heterogeneity of chemical landscapes in and between biofilm aggregates to elucidate interactions between the chemical microenvironment and the physiology of bacteria. 

ID: 51144798